Whisky Month

world whisky day

Well, we certainly don’t need an official “day” or even an official “month” to celebrate our precious scotch whisky here in Whiski Rooms but as it is the “water of life and
this is a day that everyone around the world tries to host whisky events and May is designated as “Whisky Month”, we thought we need to do something a little different so we have partnered
with Douglas Laing to showcase some of their finest old malts in a special whisky flight where the youngest whisky is 21 years old !

The OLD Particular Whisky Flight

Whisky Flight
Old Particular Whisky Flight

comprising 4 delightful vintage whiskies:-

Arran 21 Yr Old whisky
Ardmore 21 Yr Old whisky
Loch Lomond 21 Yr Old whisky
Tullibardine 24 Yr Old whisky


Whisky Old Fashioned’s

Rest assured we have a stunning collection of whisky cocktails all year round and our
Whisky Old Fashioneds are our speciality so come on down and give one a try!

Whisky Old Fashioned