Whisky Tastings

- DAILY TASTINGS 10:00 - 19:00 in Whiski Rooms Tasting Room

- CORPORATE TASTINGS - Our Whisky Specialists can host whisky tastings off site at your venue at any location, at your business or for a special function. Please contact us for further information.

You can have a whisky tasting with one of our Whisky Specialists then book a table for a meal in our restaurant.  We can hold up to 50 people for a Whisky Tastings and they are from £19.95 pp, we offer bespoke tastings as well. After the whisky tasting, there is a £5 voucher redeemable against any 70cl malt whisky purchase with your tasting ticket...!

Our whisky training is designed to be informative, entertaining and fun and will help you discover the aromas and flavours that appeal to your palate, this will enable you to select your perfect Single Malt Whisky.

T - +44 (0)131 225 1532
E - shop@whiskirooms.com 

Whisky Tastings Available -

  • Introduction to Whisky £19.95pp - Daily
  • Premium Whisky Tasting - Daily
  • History of Whisky Tasting £19.95 - Daily
  • Bespoke Tastings - Daily
  • Whisky and Cheese Tasting £24.50pp - 1 days notice
  • Whisky and Chocolate £24.50pp - 1 days notice

Call +44 (0)131-225-1532 to find out what times are available and check below for our current scheduled tastings ...

Dates: various
Time:   various
Cost:    £24.50 pp ( £5 redeemable on any purchase of malt whisky in the shop )

Whisky and Cheese is often overlooked as a food and drink pairing but not here! Come along and one of our staff will take you through a guided tasting of four extremely different single malt whiskies that are each paired with an individual cheese.

Dates: various
Time:   various
Cost:  £24.50 pp ( £5 redeemable on any purchase of malt whisky in the shop )

Food and Whisky matching- the perfect way to start an evening! Join us as we match four very different single malt whiskies with four locally hand-made chocolates.

When:   various
Time:    various
Cost:     £19.95 ( £5 redeemable on any purchase of malt whisky in the shop )

What better way to warm up and be entertained than with a taste of some of Scotland's most famous whiskies.


Tutored Tastings Menu – Whiski Rooms Shop

Taking place in our dedicated Tasting Room; comfortably tucked away from the hubbub of our Whisky Bar, Restaurant and Shop; we offer a wide and varied selection of Whisky Tastings to suit every palate, budget and level of experience. Our tastings are the perfect means of demystifying the complex and often enigmatic character and provenance of Scotch Whisky; each tasting uncovering an aspect of the spirit’s origins, demographics and flavours in an atmosphere which is both informative and entertaining in equal measure. Each tasting will involve four expressions and ordinarily take place within one to one-and-a-half hours, with full tutelage and an interactive atmosphere, promoting the opportunity to ask questions and inspire discussion throughout. As a complimentary gift from us, the individual ticket fee for every tasting includes a £5 discount coupon which can be redeemed against the value of any 70cl bottle of Malt Whisky in-store [terms and conditions apply].

Our Tutored Tastings
Introduction to Scotch Whisky - £19.95 Per Person 
The perfect way to embark on a Scotch Whisky tasting career or to brush-up your basic knowledge and tasting skills, the Intro Tasting will give you all the priming you need to better understand and enjoy the Water of Life-encompassing the basics of production, the best way to approach, serve and taste Whisky. Our Intro Tasting tours the principal malt-making regions; uncovering geographical variances in flavour and style and the historical context behind them and so too tours the flavour spectrum; opening on a light, gentle style and making a logical progression to more complex offerings; comparing and contrasting topographical provenance and flavour origin.

Premium Whisky Tasting - £38.00 Per Person

For a more luxurious and in-depth perspective, or if you feel already well acquainted with the basics of enjoying Scotch Whisky and wish to sample the more exclusive and uncommon examples of the Water of Life, our Premium Tasting leads you through the upper echelons of Scotch Whisky; uncovering some of the nation’s rarest whiskies which share either an uncommon provenance or availability and a marked superiority of age; whilst still maintaining a diverse range of flavour and style, representative of each region.

Food Pairings Whisky & Cheese or Whisky & Chocolate - £24.50 Per Person
The ultimate gourmet flavour experience-a range of carefully selected whiskies mated with a range of premium, locally-sourced cheeses or chocolates respectively; each offering a complement of flavour and texture to their whisky pairings-with discussion of both the origins of the food and the whisky. All cheeses are sourced from an independent, local cheesemonger and the chocolates from a boutique, Edinburgh-based chocolatier-both within walking distance of our shop.

History of Scotch Whisky Tasting - £19.95 Per Person 
A unique and uncommon concept; our History Tasting takes in an exciting and eclectic range of whiskies which help tell the story of Scotch Whisky’s evolution from an illicit and often untamed spirit to the celebrated, world-renowned and bourgeoning industry we know today.

Distiller Tastings & Special Events
Check-in with us regularly at shop@whiskirooms.com, www.whiskishop.com, or on +44 (0)131 225 1532 for details of our special Distiller Tastings and Masterclasses.

From time-to-time-and on a strictly limited basis-we invite a representative from a distillery to host a specialist tasting showcasing the whiskies they produce; these tastings represent a rare opportunity to get close and personal with Scotland’s distilleries and to sample and compare often the majority of a distiller’s range. Similarly, on an even more exclusive basis, we are able to offer tasting Masterclasses stewarded by some of the most prominent whisky creators in the industry-our last event saw Richard Paterson, Master Distiller and Blender at Dalmore and Whyte & Mackay, join us for a jubilant evening tasting a range of whiskies from Dalmore and Jura distilleries. These events tend to take place during the summer months and can only be offered on an extremely limited availability-to find out about forthcoming events check-in with us via the above contact details.

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